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"Superstitious" coverage

...On her self-titled album Natalie Price out September 29, 2023, she explores “complex emotions and experiences through relatable, confessional tales”. Her single “Superstitious” is out now and focuses on a common cause of “unease”, one’s phone...

KUTX - 7/18/23

Song of the Day - "Done"

...Natalie Price is real as hell, plain and simple. So it’s fitting that her upcoming debut full-length is an eponymously-titled one, whose new tunes have attracted an upper echelon of ATX collaborators like David Ramirez, Lang Freeman, and Jaimee Harris alongside Nashville notables like Mary Bragg and Stephanie Lambring...

Holler. - 6/29/23

Single Review

Love is a powerful and mysterious force. Sometimes you don’t even know what it’s doing to you until it’s too late. All of a sudden you find your brain is awash with all these weird emotions and feelings you didn’t even realise you were feeling. It’s terrifying really.

The new single from Natalie Price captures that feeling of helplessness in a relationship when you suddenly become aware that you’re not entirely in control of your own thoughts and feelings...

Club Passim - 4/14/2022

Sleepless Critic Review

REVIEW: Singer-songwriters Natalie Price and Grace Pettis share resilience through struggle and the joy of performing live onstage again

Posted on  by The Sleepless Critic

It is no surprise that guitar strumming singer-songwriters Natalie Price and Grace Pettis recently brought a mix of emotional weight to the Club Passim stage in Cambridge, MA.  Not only in the great joy of performing for an audience again, but the heartache, loss, and reflection in their music as a result of these past couple of complicated years.  However, within this sadness lies resilience for thriving again...