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Intoxicatingly authentic and wholly original - you’ll never forget the first time you stepped into Natalie Price’s world.

Described by Trey Gutierrez (Texas Music Magazine) as “one of Austin's most dynamic new singer-songwriters,” this artist’s ethereal, one-of-a-kind sound refuses to fall neatly into one category. Just as comfortable dabbling in Americana or folk as she is indie-pop, Price’s music is perhaps best encapsulated by its deep-seated humanity.

Each of her songs takes you on a journey, they capture not one emotion, but many -- reflecting what the listener needs to feel.


Natalie Price @ Under The Mesquite

Under The Mesquite, Coleman, TX

Concerts are great. Big, foot-on-the-gas parties are great too. But sometimes, when you least expect it, you take your foot off the gas, you relax and take a breath, and you really start to listen and experience what is happening up on the stage. You see authentic artists pouring their hearts out. You see the end result of their hours and years of creativity, passion, and dedication come to life.
That is why we are putting together this micro festival full of artists that we know to be wonderful talents and even better people. Join us for this 2 day festival of emerging artists.


Natalie Price @ Dripping Springs Songwriter Festival 2023

Dripping Springs Songwriter Festival 2023, Dripping Springs, TX

Come discover your new favorite songwriters at this FREE festival in downtown Dripping Springs! 50 songwriters from all over the world perform over 3 days. Friday and Saturday shows are in round format (3-4 songwriters on stage taking turns performing their songs).

Through The Fog

Natalie Price

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